Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub 50mL

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This is your weekly exfoliating face and body scrub.

Made with natural Australian plant based ingredients to leave you feeling refreshed and deeply cleansed after each application.

It's a weekly scrub suitable for all skin types. Use morning or night up to 3x weekly.

Gluten Free, Palm Oil Free, Paraben Free. Vegan.

Made in Australia.

Self-replenishing skincare with our subscription service:
1. Order today and we'll ship your exfoliator to you ASAP
2. Every 2 months we'll send you another exfoliator
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Kaolin White Australian Clay

The Kaolin will draw out the deep-rooted impurities which may be clogging pores, absorb excess sebum and help to reduce pore size. Kaolin can help to soothe irritation, buff away dead skin and promote bright, radiant and youthful skin.

Australian Zeolita Clay

Australian Zeolite is powerful absorptive volcanic mineral which has also has the ability to absorb and neutralise toxins. Absorbs impurities, pollutants and other harmful substances.

Australian Sandalwood Powder

A superfine, premium grade sandalwood powder from Western Australia. Made from fallen wood, this truly sustainably-sourced powder is a gentle natural exfoliant, offering anti-inflammatory effects and helps promote a smooth complexion.

Natural Plant Ingredients

Kaolin White Australian Clay (Australian Kaolin clay),  Zeolite Ultrafine Clay  (Australian Zeolite clay), Pumice, Cocos nucifera (Coconut powder),  Calendula officinalis, (Calendula powder, Santalum spicatum (Australian Sandalwood powder), Citrus sinensis (Orange essential oil)

Store below 30c. Keep out of sunlight and damp areas.