Our Product

  • We are busy creatures but we still want to make time for beautiful skin, Dermatec Australia has the ability to self-time for 1, 2, 3, 5 minutes or an option to keep it on for as long as you'd like although we recommened max 20mins.... so you can choose the treatment that you need for the time you need!
  • Whether you’re travelling domestically or internationally Dermatec Australia is lightweight and travel friendly! Just pop your device and USB cord in the protective cloth bag provided and place into your bag, you jetsetter!
  • Comfort is key! So... we’ve created a handle that fits securely in the palm of your hand, it’s so comfortable you won’t even know it’s there. Well you might, but at least it's comfy...
  • Dermatec Australia has the ability to target specific areas of skin without the light straying too far, the border around the edge of the light enables it to focus specifically on the area of skin that is being treated, it’s more concentrated which allows for a better treatment. Win win!
  • We know how important it is to protect your eyes, so we've included protective goggles that were made especially to enable you to relax and enjoy the treatment without the light affecting your precious peepers. 
  • A protective cloth bag is provided to keep your Dermatec Australia safe from any dust so it’s clean every time you use it. That's a must!
  • Versatility is essential and Dermatec Australia has an easily detachable head that you can swap for any other colour of the Dermatec Australia light therapy range… blue (assists with acne), yellow (promotes healing and repairs scar tissue) or red and blue (targeting both acne and wrinkles). This way you’re not stuck with one device, but your device has the ability to transform into any light therapy you need at any time you need!