About Us

"We created Dermatec Skincare as we couldn’t find an affordable and convenient way of having regular LED light therapy. LED light therapy has improved our skin and given us more confidence, we want to help others experience the same benefits.”

- Founders, Grace Gowdie and Simon Lewis


Like most people we know, we live in a constant loop. Work, exercise, appointments, life admin, socialising (hopefully), sleep… and we don’t even have kids!

Like everyone, we have a finite amount of time and it’s a fact of life that we simply can’t do everything. So we’re forced to choose. Dinner with friends tonight or exercise? Stay late at work or get a good night's sleep? Spend money on skincare or pay my rent?

For Grace, her fortnightly LED light therapy treatment was an absolute priority. Grace struggled with acne in her early teens and still suffers from breakouts. While her acne can be uncomfortable, it’s confidence-sapping powers are far more painful.

She has tried everything available to help her maintain clear skin. Chemical peels, extractions, needling, antibiotics, chinese herbs, acupuncture and yes, the big gun, roaccutane! But the best solution for her is consistent LED light therapy. For the past 10 years, Grace has had regular LED treatment in a salon. Her skin is clearer, breakouts less frequent and severe. Life should be bliss right? No, wrong. Her life is busier than ever and time and money is finite!

Frustrated, Grace told Simon she was sick of constantly booking, paying and travelling to appointments, “there has to be a better way, there has to be!”

And so the research began. We read everything we could find about LED light therapy. We'd experienced the incredible results first-hand, but were blown away by the extensive scientific research. Together, we committed to providing others with access to premium LED light therapy from the comfort of their home.

14 months later, we launched Dermatec Skincare and introduced the world to the Personal LED, a handheld LED light therapy device that is cordless, compact, durable and powerful. It is now our mission for others to experience the power of quality LED light therapy and enjoy the benefits wherever and whenever they like.


Watch Grace's VLOG where she shares her personal journey: