The Personal LED

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Bring the salon to your home. Unlimited LED light therapy anytime, anywhere with the Personal LED.

  • The key to rejuvenated skin is literally in the palm of your hand.
  • The treatment head contains a unique combination of red and blue LED lights, the Personal LED clears acne and smooths fine lines.
  • Our LED lights emit light energy and the Medical Grade wavelength:
    Red = 633nm
    Blue = 417nm
    This means you can be certain you're fuelling your skin cells with targeted and effective light energy.
  • Whether you use your Personal LED between salon sessions or as a replacement, your skin will love it and you’ll notice the difference in the look and feel of your skin.

At the price of two facials (or one at some salons), the Personal LED is a smart choice.

  • It’s so portable - there’s no excuse not to glow! Charge it like your iPhone, pop it in your handbag and you’ve got clear, youthful skin wherever you go.
  • Can’t get to the salon because the kids (or your puppy) can’t be left alone? No problem, bring the salon to your home.
  • The Personal LED is so safe you can’t go wrong. With LED, the more time under the light, the better. Just to be sure, we’ve got TGA, FDA and CE Marking approval.
  • For the cost of two facials, the Personal LED is yours. Or, with Afterpay, it’s only $62.25 every fortnight.
  • To make life even more convenient, shipping within Australia is free! And international shipping is only $40.

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