Why We Love Hazelnut Oil

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Hazelnut Oil is a hero ingredient in our skincare products!

It features in our Invigorating Cleansing Gel, Brightening Vitamin C serum and Hydrating and Nourishing serum. 

So why did we choose to feature Hazelnut Oil in most of our products?

It's because it's packed FULL of amazing benefits.

  1.  The high vitamin E and fatty acid content in hazelnut oil can help increase hydration in the outermost layer of the skin. By keeping skin hydrated, vitamin E also helps improve skin elasticity, making it look firm and supple.
  2.  Hazelnut Oil is also non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog your pores. This is music to their ears of anyone with oily or acne prone skin. It has natural astringent properties which clear away any bacteria and remove oil from your skin, which can cause acne. 
  3. It is easily absorbed into the skin and it has a tightening effect that makes your skin look healthier and more toned. 
  4. It also helps with collagen production which is an important aspect in maintaining a youthful appearance. Hazelnut Oil paired with the Personal LED is a winning combination in achieving a healthy and ageless glow.

At Dermatec Skincare, we aim to help you achieve healthy, clear skin at an affordable price. So including Hazelnut Oil into most of our skincare products was the perfect addition.

We knew the immense benefits of Hazelnut Oil and including it into our products allowed us to confidently provide you with an amazing skincare line that actually helps your skin to look the best it possibly can.

Another benefit is that it's safe for both sensitive and oily skin types which is important when considering a skincare line.

We want to clear the skin without stripping it of oil and having Hazelnut Oil as our hero product has allowed us to do that!

What are your favourite products from the Dermatec Skincare range?  




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