Why Self-Isolation Has Been The Reset My Body Needed

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With the world in lockdown, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to think about the gravity of our situation. 

Even though there is light at the end of the tunnel with restrictions easing, I hope this time at home has allowed you to relax, reset and focus on what you can control and have used it to propel you forward. 

Below I’ve listed 5 things I have had control of during this lock down period and how implementing these into my day-to-day has made me look and feel better.

These tips aren't reinventing the wheel so to speak, but it serves as a reminder to myself and to anyone out there wondering what they can do to feel a bit better during this time.

Additionally, these are five important lessons I know I will take with me beyond the lockdown as I’ve seen an enhancement in my life. 


Regular Exercise 

I used to attend Pilates classes 3x weekly as my only form of exercise, but as gyms and indoor sporting facilities have temporarily closed down I have now been going for a walk daily and also have been implementing at-home Pilates into my routine. 

The addition of the daily walks has changed my perspective on exercising indoors.

Instead of moving from room to room, so to speak, I’m now moving from room to the outdoors and getting outside first thing and into the fresh air and sunshine immediately improves my mood.

By getting my heart rate up each morning, it's helped to increase the circulation which in-turn carries blood to feed the skin nutrients, hormones and oxygen from the inside.

This boost has helped improve the texture and tone of my complexion.

I will never underestimate the power of exercise or the fresh air. It is a key factor in boosting your mood by releasing endorphins and has a huge effect on your mental health, physicality and complexion.


Better Eating Habits

Generally speaking, the better quality foods you eat - more fibrous, colourful-  the healthier you will be internally and it will also reflect on the outside.

We have used this time to incorporate nutrient dense foods into our routine.

Everyone has had more time now to decide on the meals we are eating, so choosing foods that have been nutrient dense, has seen an improvement in our energy levels, our digestion and our skin.

Our new favourite is the 5-minute omelette! Two eggs beaten together, placed into a pan over medium heat, add onion, tomato and feta cheese, wait until cooked enough so it’s not runny and then fold in half. Add some smoked salmon for a bit of extra fancy and it’s highly nutritious and definitely delicious.


Less Alcohol

With lockdown in place our favourite pubs, bars, restaurants are temporarily closed. 

It has been a GREAT opportunity to give our liver and body a reset. We’ve chosen to limit alcohol intake (we still have a glass or two of red!) but instead of a Friday and Saturday night glass, we’ve taken up delicious herbal teas instead. 

This has helped our mental clarity and any sluggishness in the morning.  On the weekends, we look forward to our morning walks and we’ve also noticed a difference in the clarity of our skin. 

As a helpful tip, Licorice root is fantastic at helping overall skin tone and clarity as it breaks up melanin. It also helps to regulate the production of oil.


More Sleep

Utilise this down-time to get 8hrs of sleep a night or if you want, a nap during the day.

Sleep helps us repair and restore our organ systems including our muscles, immune systems, and various other hormones. 

Your body needs sleep to function and before COVID-19, we all lead very busy lives with most of us operating on less than 8hrs as we try to fulfil the impossibly long list of daily tasks ahead.

Additionally, sleep is important for healthy skin as it repairs itself and recovers while you snooze. Your skin actually produces collagen when you’re asleep and collagen is an important protein in helping keep your skin youthful. 

Are you convinced yet?


More Time To Focus on You

During this down-time, I’ve been reading books and articles recently as a way to utilise this time to my advantage. Knowledge is power, and what better time to equip yourself with it than now. 

We’ve also been reading deeper into Dermatec and how we can continue to improve as a small business. Our aim is to always provide quality products at a reasonable price and we hope to continually deliver that.


These small things have been easy to implement into our ‘new’ way of life. We have found ourselves happier and in control as we’ve structured our days so we feel as though we are constantly moving forward, rather than stagnating.

What have you learnt during your time in isolation?

We hope you and your family are all safe and healthy.


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  • Everything you have said is so true Grace. My favourite thing is a daily walk in the sunshine to get that important Vitamin D. I’ve taken up taking Pilates at home as well which surprisingly has been very good. All in all it’s been great!

    Linda on

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