Why I Took Control of My Skin

Posted by Grace Gowdie on

Enter the new year with confidence!

I suffered from severe acne for many years which began in my early teens.

I know the feeling of putting make up on and wanting to take it off again because no matter how much foundation you put on to cover the redness, the lumpy and textured skin underneath was still there.

So many times I was told, ‘it’s just skin what’s the big deal?’

It’s not until you experience it yourself do you know how much your skins appearance can affect you.

I was tired of my skin having control over me, dictating my mood and mindset.

By starting Dermatec Skincare I was taking back that control.

I figured out a system that worked for sensitive, hormonal and acne prone skin.

The Personal LED has been my secret weapon to killing off acne causing bacteria and maintaining a clear complexion. I no longer feel like I’m at the mercy of my hormones or skin, I now have the upper hand!

Our skincare was also formulated to be gentle but effective on the skin.

I wanted a formula that assisted in repairing the health of the skin whilst clearing it.

A topical version of LED light therapy I guess you could say.

My aim with Dermatec Skincare is to make quality skincare that’s affordable and effective.

To take back control of your skin and to know that you no longer are at the mercy of it.

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

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