The Personal LED Case Study

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LED Light Therapy Case Study

Before and after image of injury. A healing process of 5-days

Recently, my Dad came off second best to a wave.

He was dumped head-first into the sand and injured the left side of his face, resulting in a sizable wound.

After going to the Doctors to have his face and neck assessed, he was sent home with the recommendation of applying Savlon to the grazed area. 

He sent me a photo of his face to show me what had happened and I suggested he use the Personal LED for a total of 20mins each day.

I also asked if he could document the healing process, which he has kindly done.

The following images were taken over a period of 5 days.

Day 1:

The fresh wound.

Exposed flesh on the forehead, under the left eyebrow and under the left eye.

I felt sorry for Dad when I saw this and instantly wanted to help.

Large wound on the left side of mans face

Day 2: 

The wound has dried out and a protective crust has begun to form.

Definitely an improvement.

Wound is healing on mans face, due to consistent use of LED light therapy

Day 3: 

The scab is beginning to flake off.

The wounds are smaller and the new skin is regrowing fast.

Day 3: Wound has significantly healed on mans face, due to consistent use of LED light therapy

Day 4: 

The scab is disappearing on his forehead and the wounds under his eye and eyebrow are almost healed.

Day 4: Wound has significantly healed on mans face, due to consistent use of LED light therapy. Only a small scab remains above his left eyebrow.

Day 5: 

5 days later and we can see a huge improvement. 

Only minimal redness remains above his left eyebrow.  

*The redness around his nose is from his glasses, not from the incident.

Day 5: Wound has significantly healed on mans face, due to consistent use of LED light therapy. No scabs are left.
This is the result of Dad using the Personal LED every day for 20mins.

The wound has healed incredibly quickly and he has avoided any scarring.

Would his face have healed as quickly without the LED treatment? 5 days is a quick recovery from an injury that size.

As you can see, LED light therapy is amazing for skin cell rejuvenation.

The light energy fuels your skin cells to function better meaning it helps with a host of skin conditions including cuts, grazes and burns, not just acne or fine lines.

Have you ever used LED to repair a wound?

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