LED Mask or handheld device? We shine a light on your LED options.

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LED masks are great for scaring the life out of your Uber Eats delivery driver...

We came across this article the other day which gives you the low down on the many LED face masks available today.

And we've had so many questions about the difference between masks and handheld devices that we thought we'd shine a light (excuse the pun) on the topic for you. And it’s a great question! There are many LED light therapy masks and devices on the market and it can get quite overwhelming trying to decide which one will work best for you.

So let's jump into it... what is the difference between the mask and the Personal LED and which is better?

Well, broadly speaking, the technology is the same. Both emit light energy at the ideal wavelength to rejuvenate your skin.

Assuming both products are from trusted brands and have reached the necessary compliance markers - TGA in Australia, FDA in the US and CE Marking in the US, you can be sure the light they emit is safe.

The big difference comes down to the shape of the device and its versatility.
Masks have a larger surface area, meaning you can target your whole face at once.

But masks have their down-sides too.

Masks usually make contact with your face meaning they can be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria (your worst nightmare if you’re an acne sufferer like Grace).

We've also had feedback that masks can be quite heavy on the face and feel claustrophic... both of us have never liked being in confined small spaces so that was a big no-no for us when deciding on a product we wanted to share with you. 

Masks also don’t travel too well, the fragile body and lights have been known to crack, plus they take up valuable luggage room... we can't be having that.

The biggest down-side though, would be their lack of versatility. They’re great for your face… and that’s about it.

With a hand-held device you can target your face and..
Psoriasis behind the ear? 
Eczema between the hands? 
Break out on your chest? 

Tick, tick and tick.

Handheld LED devices like the Personal LED are compact enough to take with you everywhere you go.

We especially liked the idea that it could pop in your handbag or sponge bag and wouldn't take up much room if you decided to take it away with you. 

The Personal LED is cordless and charges by a USB cord, just like your phone.

LED light therapy outside of the salon, should be effortless. The whole point is to save you time and energy.

Masks are great in theory, but in practice, you can’t go past the versatility of a handheld Personal LED.
What types of LED devices have you tried and did you have a preference? We'd love to know.

Until next time!

Take care,
Grace and Simon

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