It's more important than ever to look after yourself and your loved ones

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Never have we needed self-care more than right now.
Treat yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbours with love respect and patience during this uncertain period.

Times are getting tough and over the next few months, they're only going to get tougher. We're reminded of the old saying , 'when times get tough, the tough get going'.

Now is the perfect time to slow down and spend time thinking about what's really important to you.

With everything going on in the world, it really puts things into perspective doesn't it?

We're all reminded of the importance of health and how truly valuable quality relationships are.

Together, we've put together a small list of things we like to do when we're feeling overwhelmed, daunted or just a little stuck:

- Clean the house and do the washing. It sounds boring and laborious but the satisfaction and head-clearing power of this easy act is incredible.

- Exercise, whether it's pilates at home, yoga, some air squats or push ups, elevating our heart rate and feeling the endorphins flow through our bodies completely changes our state.

- Vision board, the power of creating a vision board is truly incredible. Either digital or physical, create the vision for what you want from life in 5, 10, 20 years. It reaffirms why you do some things and makes you question others.

- Finally, call a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in a while. Now is the perfect time to reconnect. You might laugh, get some inspiration or relieve some pressure you've been carrying around unknowingly.

It's time to reset. Focus on what really matters and we'll emerge from this difficult time better than ever.

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Be kind to yourself.
Look after your friends, your family and your loved ones.
Now is a time to bind together.

If you want to reach out, shoot us an email or DM. We're always up for a chat.


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