How Often and For How Long Do I Need LED Light Therapy?

Posted by Grace Gowdie on

Like most things, consistency is key. For the best results, treat the targeted area for around 15 minutes each day until you start to see an improvement.

Grace and I each have our own personal handheld LED light that we use 4-5 nights a week before going to sleep, depending on our schedule. The reason we use it at night is because we have cleaned our skin and it gives us the opportunity to relax and unwind from our busy day. We spend about 30 minutes working our way around our face, focusing on specific areas of concern and let the LED light work it’s magic.

We use LED light therapy to help combat unwanted skin issues. Stress, humidity and wearing make-up all lead to unexpected breakouts. We target acne and pimples with LED light therapy to speed up our recovery and we’ve seen overnight improvements.

Similarly, if a big event is coming up, we’ll make sure to have plenty of LED light therapy in the lead up. This could be a wedding, a public speaking event or in Grace’s case, a modelling shoot. The beauty of having our own personal LED lights is that we can use it anytime, anywhere.

With LED light therapy as not only our long-term prevention but also our short-term cure, we have peace of mind and confidence. We want everyone to enjoy this feeling. Once you see results you’ll love the satisfaction of achieving better skin and the great thing is, you can’t overdo it. So, get started and work it into your unique ritual.

-Simon, co-founder of Dermatec Skincare

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