Price Difference Between Salon and At-Home LED Light Therapy

Posted by Grace Gowdie on

This is a question we receive regularly and the answer is, it varies! Each salon decides what their treatment will cost so it truly depends on the clinic you go to.

As Grace used to see a facialist fortnightly for a regular peel and LED light therapy treatment, we thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to see how much money spent annually if she had decided to keep up regular LED light therapy facials

We compared the cost of LED light therapy treatments at clinics in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Their treatment and treatment prices are in the table below.

Salon Location Treatment Cost/ session  Treatment time Total Cost Over A Year (if going fortnightly)
Laser Clinics Australia Nationwide Blue LED Light $99 22mins $2574
Jocelyn Petroni Sydney Omnilux Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment $110 30mins $2860
Ella Beauty Room Skin Clinic Melbourne LED Light Treatment $99 30mins $2574
Archonspas Brisbane LED Light Therapy Facials $75 30mins $1950


 If you were to see a salon every two weeks for a year at the treatment cost of $99/session, over that time period you would have spent a whopping $2570 on salon LED treatments! 

We've created a graph to illustrate how this would look compared to the one-off cost of the Personal LED.

 The Personal LED from Dermatec Skincare has both red and blue LED light therapy treatment lights to assist in rejuvenation, decreases inflammation and kills acne causing bacteria giving your skin a healthy and refreshed look.

So, hold the salon LED and save money by treating yourself to the Personal LED so you can get premium, TGA approved, LED light therapy treatment anytime, anywhere.

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  • I purchased a red light devise, and am using it 3times a week, just started so waiting to see results, also using dermalective day cream with it

    Ann ramos on

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