Having good skin doesn't require a huge budget!

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Australian made skincare

It's only in the last year since I've become a HUGE advocate of natural skincare.

Previously, I used to LOVE chemically produced active ingredients as I felt they were 'doing' something to my skin.

When in reality, I was paying a premium for products that weren't doing a great deal. I was a devotee of an Australian skincare brand for over 10 years and had previously never had an issue with forking over $200+ each time their skincare products ran out.

But the older I got, the wiser I became and I started to question a few things.

Why - if I am paying that much money - is my skin still not where it should be?

So with that, Simon and I started to develop our Natural Skincare range last year after I was continually frustrated with the results I was getting with products that were chemically laden AND expensive.

But how do you start to develop a skincare range? What do we include? Will anyone even like it?

Fast forward about a year and we are SO glad we developed it!


Well after trying and testing all of the products that came our way and throughout it all our number 1 focus was to make sure the products we released to market were beneficial and at a price point that is affordable.

After a solid 6 month process of developing the products and working through EVERYTHING... the ingredients, the packaging, the textures and the results, we finally released our skincare line and we got the EXACT results we wanted.

To say we were ecstatic, is an understatement.

Good feedback

(Incredible feedback from a customer!)

We'd do it all again in a heartbeat when we hear such positive feedback from our customers.

The above message is exactly why we started Dermatec Skincare.

To allow everyone access to quality products at affordable prices.

One customer believes our face oil is even better than La Mer which sells at $350 a pop!

Better than La Mer

Having fantastic skin doesn't come down to a huge budget or a particular on-trend brand... it comes down to good research (on the brands side and also yours), products that have been tried and tested repeatedly and products that have ingredients that actually work. 

So if you've been wanting to make the change to a more natural skincare regime or even simplify your existing one, please reach out to us at hello@dermatecskincare.com and we can help.

Starting anything new is a little scary but if you have the right tools and the knowledge to back your decision, and just need to seek guidance from someone who's done it before, then reach out.


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